New business unit director takes over at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal

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Technical understanding combined with customer focus

Neunkirchen, 11.11.2021. In the perforated metal division, a new business unit director took up his post on 01.11.2021. Thomas Schmidt was born and bred in Neunkirchen and is an “old hand” when it comes to metal processing. He appreciates the personal contact to the SCHÄFER family and is a great fan of the family business’s flat hierarchies. “In a family enterprise, the employees are not simply anonymous numbers but often have personal and longstanding relationships with the company.” 
The company’s corporate values are something he can identify with and the field of responsibility really appeals to him. He has a wealth of experience to offer. His past positions involved looking after national and international clients and his sphere of activity ranged from Europe to Mexico, the USA and Canada to China. 

Customers can concentrate more on their core business

With his technical understanding and customer-oriented drive to finding solutions, he is the ideal person to further advance our perforated metal division. "We want our customers to be able to concentrate on their core business by taking some of the work off their hands and expanding the scope of our processing. In addition, we always have to have an ear for our customers' wishes. That’s very important to me, because it creates added value," explains Thomas Schmidt. His goals are ambitious. He wants to create more customer benefits. A primary goal is functional integration for all the different applications: "Perforated sheets are a versatile and multifunctional product that can be used innovatively and it will be really interesting to see what new functions and designs emerge from collaboration with customers, developers and our entire team." He also sees great potential in expanding international activities further to gain new markets. In his private life, it’s mountain biking that clears his head. Riding across the Alps with other sports enthusiasts as a mountain bike guide is an effective way of creating a balance to his challenging job.

It’s not about ME; it’s all about US

… that’s his motto. But what is his formula for creating a successfully operating team? An enthusiastic team player himself, he values treating people with mutual respect: "Setting the right tone is very important. I prefer to deal with people openly and honestly. For me, appreciation and fairness are an absolute must. And if something goes wrong, solutions have to be found. I say the staff can come and talk to me at any time and I really mean it. Even if my office door is closed, it is always open for the team.”