Perforated metal for filter technology

Perforated sheet metal is the basis for effective filtration as it retains particles or contaminants of different sizes depending on the hole size. At the same time, it allows the flow to be precisely controlled, while ensuring cleaning and maintenance are easy to perform.


Perforated patterns and shapes form the basis for efficient filter technology optimised for each application. A round, square, oblong or hexagonal perforation can be punched into the sheet in various sizes. There is also the option of customising the perforation to the area of application in straight lines, diagonals or staggered rows.


Perforated sheet metal is used as an effective filtration system that captures particles, contaminants and foreign bodies of various sizes. Depending on the application, perforated sheet metal ensures a clean and high-quality result (e.g. when separating liquids, harvesting grain or spreading seed). It enables precise control of the flow. Perforated sheet metal offers high stability and durability that meets the requirements of filter technology. What should the perforated sheet metal for your filter technology look like?

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