Perforated metal for construction machinery

Effective ventilation to prevent overheating of machine parts and at the same time protect them against dirt and particles – this is why perforated metal is used in construction machinery. Perforated metal also increases stability and strength. This makes construction machines more resistant to demanding work.


The use of perforated metal in the design of construction machinery means versatility and functionality can be combined. The customised perforated patterns and shapes of the perforated metal do more than just provide ventilation and protect against dirt and particles. A machine design with perforated sheet metal also results in a high resistance to the extreme conditions and loads that occur in the construction industry. Perforated sheet metal gives construction machinery a robust and attractive appearance that emphasises the durability and stability of the machines while contributing to brand identity.


Perforated metal prevents machine components from overheating through effective ventilation with optimised air passage, while also ensuring optimum performance. The use of perforated sheet metal protects the machines against dirt, stones and other external particles. Damage is prevented and smooth operation is ensured. Perforated metal also improves safety by giving drivers a clear view of the work environment while protecting them against flying debris. What should the perforated metal for your construction machine look like?

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