Perforated metal for the production of e-fuels

Perforated metal makes a major contribution to the production of e-fuels. It leads to better reaction kinetics by efficiently distributing and mixing gases or liquids through shaping. The greater the surface area of the perforated sheet metal for contact between the reaction components, the greater the yield in the production of e-fuels.


Fine, regular holes provide the appropriate surface for the contact and reaction of the starting materials. This perforated structure enables effective mixing of the reactants and improved reaction kinetics. In addition, the design of the perforated sheet metal can be customised to meet specific requirements such as flow control or contaminant filtration.


For the production of e-fuels, perforated sheet metal acts as a catalyst carrier. The customised perforated holes create the large surface area needed for reaction of the source materials. At the same time, perforated sheet metal can serve as a separator or separating element between different zones or reaction chambers to effectively separate the reaction products. Perforated sheet metal can also be used to increase the strength and stability of the reaction apparatus. What should the perforated sheet metal for your e-fuel production look like?

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