Perforated metal for electromagnetic compatibility

Enclosures and shielding, control cabinets, telecommunication technology, electric vehicles and charging stations – all these are just a few examples of where technology has to demonstrate a high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Perforated sheet metal is particularly efficient at shielding electromagnetic radiation. It minimises disturbances and interference in numerous applications.


The perforated structure of perforated sheet metal enables it to absorb or scatter electromagnetic fields. The customised design of the perforation means the sheets can be used flexibly in many areas of application. Electromagnetic interference can be effectively shielded by a regular pattern of holes. But even where electromagnetic waves need to get through, the perforated sheet metal design can be used to establish precise control over transmittance.


If perforated sheet metal is used for EMC, its main purpose is to shield and block the propagation of electromagnetic interference. Due to the customised perforated surface structure, however, perforated sheet metal can be used not only to specifically filter out certain frequencies, but even to amplify them. The perforation of the sheet metal also allows good air circulation, which improves the heat dissipation of the connected technology.

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