Perforated metal ceiling panels

In shopping malls, office buildings, waiting areas, airports and in private homes, too, perforated metal ceiling panels have taken on significant sound regulation or design functions.


Perforated metals as ceiling panels create a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. The customised perforated patterns and shapes of the perforated sheets allow for a wide range of design options. The optimal hole size and shape not only looks good, but also improves the acoustic behaviour and sound absorption.


When used as ceiling suspensions or panels, perforated metal can also improve room acoustics. Air circulation and ventilation can also be configured ideally on site. Small and large rooms can be ventilated without energy loss. At the same time, the perforated metal conceals supply lines and air-conditioning technology while not restricting their function. What should the perforated metal for your ceiling cladding look like?

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Gewölbte Deckenverkleidung aus Lochblech

Perforated metal ceiling panels (1)

Material: Perforated steel sheets DC 01 1 mm, powder-coated
Perforation pattern: Round, staggered R4 T6


  • Domed ceilings in powder-coated perforated metal for an office building reception area
  • Perforated metal ceiling panels regulate sound generation in reception
  • Perforated metal cassettes blend ideally into the modern interior architecture of the reception area
Deckenkassette aus Lochblech
Deckenkassette aus Lochblech

Perforated metal ceiling panels (2)

Material: Perforated steel sheets DC01 + ZE 0.7 mm, powder-coated
Perforation pattern: Round, diagonal R2.5 M5.5


  • Square perforated metal cassettes as office ceiling panelling
  • Perforated metal ceiling effectively conceals utility cables and pipes
  • Small perforations absorb sound and provide pleasant acoustics in any room