Perforated metal for storage and conveying equipment

The use of perforated sheet metal in storage, operating and conveying equipment can promote air circulation and thus ventilation. This ensures better storage and preservation of goods.


Remarkable versatility can be achieved in the design of perforated sheet metal for storage, operating and conveyor equipment, thanks to the use of customised perforated patterns and shapes. The perforated sheet metal offers a high ventilation capacity, which is particularly important in areas such as air conditioning systems or warehouses. As the perforated sheet metal allows light and air to pass through, it improves the working conditions on site.


In addition to optimal ventilation and better air circulation, perforated sheet metal offers effective protection for people and goods, depending on the application requirements. Even when used for room partitions, perforated sheet metal can prevent unauthorised access. The safety of employees and the stability of goods during transport or storage are guaranteed. What should the perforated sheet metal for your storage, operating and conveying equipment look like?

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