Further applications in safety engineering

The use of perforated metal is suitable for numerous applications in safety engineering. Doors, windows, protective cladding, booths, boxes, partitions and covers - just a few examples where perforated metal has a positive impact on the design of individual safety equipment. Ventilation and monitoring systems can also be excellently set up with perforated metal.


Perforated metal creates the optimal combination of safety, functionality and design. Protective technology made of perforated metal is robust and stable. This enables physical protection against external influences. The perforated surface structure offers good visibility and ideal ventilation at the same time. The ability to customize the perforated structures to meet application requirements makes perforated metal flexible for use in safety technology. In addition, perforated metal offers an aesthetically pleasing solution that integrates, for example, the design of separate security areas inside or outside buildings.


Protection against unauthorized access, break-through and also burglary protection - These are a few of the core functions that perforated metal provides when designing security areas. However, air circulation and light penetration are also part of the package to ensure on-site security. Materials such as aluminum or stainless steel are not only characterized by high stability, but can also be individually perforated and shaped for each application. What should the perforated metal for your product look like?

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