Perforated metal for the automotive industry

Perforated sheet metal is a functional construction and design element for the automotive industry. Examples of its application include ventilation grilles as engine protection and perforated body parts for weight optimisation.


The automotive industry values perforated sheet metal for its versatility in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Customised perforated patterns and shapes not only support air circulation and cooling of the vehicle parts, but they also ensure an appealing design of the car. The use of perforated sheet metal reduces air resistance, which has a positive effect on aerodynamics, performance and fuel consumption.


Perforated sheet metal also provides the basis for effective ventilation and cooling of components such as brakes and engines. Thermal influences that can lead to overheating during operation are avoided. In addition, perforated sheet metal also improves aerodynamics and reduces drag, which improves fuel efficiency and car performance.

Perforated sheet metal enables effective ventilation and cooling of the machine parts through optimised air passage. It succeeds in preventing overheating and in using full power in an energy-efficient way. At the same time, it protects the engines and other components against foreign bodies such as dirt, dust and insects, which extends the service life of the machines and reduces the need for maintenance. Particles cannot enter the engine compartment or damage the agricultural machine in any other way.

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