Metal construction with perforated metal

Permeability of air or light – these are just a few of the advantages of using perforated sheet metal for metal construction. Depending on the material grade, perforated sheets offer high stability and strength, which makes them versatile. At the same time, perforated sheet metal is aesthetically pleasing and can be adapted to any individual requirement through the choice of perforation and material.


An interplay of functionality and aesthetics – this is what makes perforated sheet metal interesting for metal construction. The customised perforated patterns and shapes open up the possibility of flexible application. Ventilation, filtration, the design of façades and interiors – perforated sheet metal can be used in almost all areas of application. Last but not least, the perforated sheet metal offers light and air permeability and at the same time screening that balances transparency and privacy.


Perforated sheet metal enables effective ventilation and permeability of air or light in metal construction – depending on the specific requirements of the project. At the same time, perforated sheet metal also functions as an air filter. Depending on the application, the acoustics can be improved by the perforated sheet absorbing sound waves. What should the perforated sheet metal for your metal construction project look like?

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