Trade fair and shop fitting with perforated metal

Appealing aesthetics and a functional solution – this makes perforated metal particularly attractive for trade fair and shop fitting. Perforated metal also allows you to provide an impressive environment for customers!


In trade fair and shop fitting, perforated metal is characterised by its variations and aesthetic adaptability. With perforated metal, shelves, panelling and partitions can be designed with a variety of hole patterns and sizes. It therefore allows for an individual and unique freedom of design for sales rooms and the presentation of products. As a rule, steel, stainless steel and aluminium are particularly functional for perforated sheets in shop fitting.


Perforated metals enable optimum presentation and organisation of goods in trade fair and shop fitting. Fixtures made from perforated metal ensure product visibility and accessibility. The use of perforated metal as an aesthetic element makes the shop look modern and appealing. Some visibility can also serve as a security measure to prevent theft. At the same time, perforated sheets in shop fitting allow for good ventilation of the sales rooms. What should the perforated metal for your trade fair or shop fitting look like?

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Perforated metal column panelling

Material: Perforated aluminium sheets, 1 mm, powder-coated
Perforation pattern: Round, staggered R3 T5


  • Perforated metal column cladding conceals steel support
  • Curved perforated sheets creates homogenous interior architecture
  • Bright powder-coating makes the room appear spacious and light