Metal safety fences made of perforated metal

High security against intrusion attempts – as a robust and resistant material, perforated sheet metal is ideal for use as a safety fence. Safety fences made of perforated sheet metal allow good visibility through the material. Security and surveillance are ensured without compromising the aesthetic design of the fence.


Fences made of perforated sheet metal are unique in that they combine both security and an attractive design. The perforated sheet metal design gives the safety fence a modern and appealing look that blends seamlessly into a variety of environments with many materials and grades.


When used as a safety fence, perforated sheet metal serves as a physical barrier that prevents unauthorised persons from entering a segregated area. The perforated surface of the perforated sheet metal allows good monitoring and control, so events on the other side of the fence can be registered. The permeability of light and air is an advantage when perforated sheet metal is used for safety fences. What should the perforated sheet metal for your safety fence look like?

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