Air-conditioning and heating technology

Perforated sheet metal allows effective air and heat distribution through the perforated holes. This results in uniform air conditioning of a room with air conditioning and heating technology. At the same time, perforated sheet metal improves the air quality.


The perforated structure of the perforated sheet metal enables optimum air and heat distribution. Precisely arranged holes ensure effective air conditioning or heating of the room and distribute the air flow evenly. As the perforated sheets are available in a wide range of sizes and hole shapes, they offer a high degree of flexibility in the design of air conditioning and heating technology.


Perforated sheet metal supports the air distribution system because the perforated holes allow for an even airflow. Effective air conditioning or heating of the room is ensured. As perforated sheet metal is available in a variety of designs and patterns, it enhances the overall appearance of the air conditioning and heating system. What should the perforated sheet metal for your air conditioning and heating technology look like?

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