Perforated metal for mechanical engineering

Maximising performance and protecting against overheating at the same time – that's what makes perforated sheet metal so interesting for mechanical engineering. Machine parts receive both effective ventilation and comprehensive cooling. In addition, perforated sheet metal offers flexible design and an improved filtering function to keep out particles or contaminants, which ensures that the machine and its parts are protected.


The customised perforated patterns and shapes of the perforated sheet metal not only look good, they allow precise control of air and fluid flows. In addition, the design ensures weight reduction while maintaining the structural stability and mechanical strength of the machine components. Finally, perforated sheet metal adds an aesthetic dimension to mechanical engineering by giving the end product a modern and appealing look.


By using perforated sheet metal in machines, they can achieve the optimum operating temperature through ventilation and cooling. At the same time, perforated sheet metal serves as a filter to keep out dust, particles or other contaminants. The unrestricted operation of machines and the quality of processes are guaranteed. Perforated sheet metal can also be used as sound insulation, as it absorbs sound waves. What should the perforated sheet metal for your mechanical engineering project look like?

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