Battery boxes made of perforated metal

For batteries to develop their full performance, the heat generated during operation must be dissipated. Battery boxes made of perforated sheet metal not only offer a basis for this with their good ventilation. Perforated sheet metal also prevents foreign bodies from entering the battery box and increases the safety and functionality of the batteries.


Power generation, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering – just a few examples of the industries that need energy storage technology. The design of battery boxes made from perforated sheet metal allows for extensive ventilation so that energy storage systems can function efficiently. The customised perforated structure of the perforated sheet metal enables flexible use with numerous technologies. At the same time, perforated sheet metal combines design and aesthetics.


The main function of perforated sheet metal when used in battery boxes is to effectively ventilate and dissipate heat to optimally cool the batteries. The use of perforated sheet metal also provides a robust structure that protects the batteries against shocks and vibrations. The perforated design of the perforated sheet metal allows a comprehensive view of the battery. What should the perforated sheet metal for your battery boxes look like?

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