Perforated metal for the food industry

The perforations in perforated sheet metal make it extremely versatile for use in the food industry. It enables effective cooling and preservation of food as it ensures effective ventilation and air circulation. Conversely, it also enables even heat distribution and better air circulation in food production.


The hygienic advantages offered by the properties of perforated sheet metal are of paramount importance for the food industry. A customised perforated structure ensures good cleaning. At the same time, the design ensures optimal ventilation and air circulation. In addition, perforated sheet metal helps to effectively remove moisture so that food retains its desired consistency and texture.


As perforated sheet metal distributes heat evenly, it enables perfect results to be achieved in food production. When using perforated sheet metal as a sieve or filter, liquids can be separated from solids easily and impurities can be filtered out. The perforated structure of the perforated sheet metal guarantees effective ventilation and air circulation. It can be used to keep food fresh longer and protect it against moisture build-up. What should the perforated sheet metal for your food production look like?

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