Welcome to SCHÄFER Perforated Metal

We are the specialists for quickly available, customised perforated metal solutions. Integrated into the family enterprise SCHÄFER Werke we can provide synergies and efficiency benefits for our customers, especially through our co-operation with the independent EMW Steel Service Centre.

Our primary focus is on material and manufacturing expertise, reliable delivery and a strong sense of customer orientation. What sets us apart is our quality and extensive range of available perforation patterns.

Our flexibility in developing individual customer solutions has made us the partner for all industries – from automobiles to sugar! The use of state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines guarantees optimal manufacturing processes.

Made-to-measure, high-quality perforated metal sheets in no time at all: that’s the biggest benefit for our customers.  


Let the great variety of applications for SCHÄFER perforated metal sheets be your inspiration!

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