Perforated metal for commercial vehicles

Use as ventilation grilles for effective air circulation and cooling of brakes and engines – this is just one of the reasons why perforated metal is used in commercial vehicles. The perforated metal also keeps away external influences, such as dirt. Due to the weight reduction achieved thanks to the perforated metal, fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions are lower.


The design of perforated metal on commercial vehicles offers a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. The customised perforated patterns and shapes, which not only allow adequate ventilation and cooling of the vehicle parts, also give the vehicle an eye-catching and modern look. Perforated sheets are very popular for use in commercial vehicles due to their technical functionality and attractive design.


The use of perforated metal prevents technical components from overheating. Perforated metal also allows effective ventilation and cooling of brakes and motors. Dirt, stones and other particles are prevented from entering sensitive areas – ventilation slots or wheel arches are protected. The engine compartment is also protected against the ingress of external particles, ensuring smooth operation. What should the perforated metal for your commercial vehicle look like?

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