Modern communal garages in listed ensembles

Lochblech Fassade Parkhaus Berlin Marzahn

Perforated sheet facades meet diverse architectural requirements in function and design

Neunkirchen, 23 June 2022.

In Berlin’s culturally historic city property Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Reinickendorf districts, Johannes Bau – general contractor for commercial and industrial structures – has built two modern split-level car parks, with 7 levels and a total of 1,052 parking spaces. Using individual faced elements from SCHÄFER Perforated Metal, all city-planning conditions with regard to ensemble protection for the adjacent prefabricated apartment blocks could be fully complied with. The façade’s function is combined with a design concept that harmonises with the overall context of its surrounding environment.

The project requirements were very diverse. The façade design needed to be coordinated in detail with the responsible authorities, not only due to cultural and historical heritage protection regulations, but also because the overall appearance had to be embedded into the tight construction location of the new residential development with its around 1,500 apartments. 

“As a rule, the parking facilities we build are classified as large-scale open-plan garages. Building regulations stipulate that their façades require free clearance of at least a third for ventilation. Our aspiration is to develop individual solutions for our customers, while remaining economically attractive by ensuring our products are manufactured with a high level of automation. For this, perforated sheet has proven its value as a long-lasting, low-maintenance construction element. The decisive criteria for choosing to collaborate with SCHÄFER Perforated Metal were their technical consulting, quality and reliable delivery,” says Matthias Millow, the expert for parking facility construction at Willy Johannes Bau and spokesperson for the PARK»RAUM cooperation group. 

The cladding on the communal garages was made up of powder-coated perforated sheets in aluminium. The sheets were attached directly onto the buildings steel girders, eliminating the need for an additional, complex substructure. The perforated sheet façade is self-supporting. 

“For the 3,725 sq. m of façade, SCHÄFER Perforated Metal supplied at total of 1286 customized elements made of powder-coated perforated aluminium sheets in stone grey and blue grey; all ready for installation and delivered on time”, says Thomas Nassen, the responsible project manager in technical sales at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal.

The perforated sheet elements are chamfered at the top for water drainage and at the bottom for the drip edge. Each element has a trapezoidal cross-section in the middle for reinforcement. The elements, which measure up to four square metres, were bolted together at the four corners as well as in the trapezoidal support. 

"With only six screw connections, this construction meets the technical, architectural and economic requirements - the latter also due to optimised installation," explains Thomas Schmidt, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. 
On each of the seven parking decks, at the level of the car headlights, the self-supporting perforated sheet façade incorporates staggered round perforations to provide almost 33 percent free cross-section. This limits the light emission to the outside and is consequently a great benefit to the residents, as they do not experience any significant light disturbance from the multi-storey car park, even in the dark.

Nevertheless, the parking spaces are provided with adequate ventilation and natural lighting during daylight hours, thanks to perforated sheet elements with a 63 percent free cross-section, which are installed in the upper sections of each parking deck. All in all, the result is an inviting façade with a homogeneous external appearance that fully complies with heritage protection requirements and blends in with the residential buildings. 

Perforated sheets can be used as an adaptive, light-looking outer shell for parking structures. In open garages and parking facilities, they help to dissipate car exhaust gases and moisture as well as serving as a safety barrier. In many cases, a perforated sheet façade makes a technical ventilation system unnecessary.

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Lochblech Fassade Parkhaus Berlin Marzahn

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