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Holes in the fasçade

[Translate to Englisch:] Fassade mit Lochblech

Façade sheets from SCHÄFER Perforated Metal for production building in western Switzerland

Neunkirchen, 04th December 2017. SCHÄFER is supplying METALOR TECHNOLOGIES SA with perforated metal sheets for the façade of their new production building. The internationally operating Swiss group awarded the project contract to renowned architect Serge Grard, who used 2,000 m² of perforated anodized aluminium sheets with a protective foil and a thickness of 2 mm for the individually chamfered elements of the building exterior.

What makes the façade so special is the way the screening sheets are arranged. With only two different modules, Serge Grard creates such an effect on the façade that the repetitive pattern is scarcely noticed. From the total of 2,000 m² of flat perforated sheets, 490 modules were put through a computer-controlled chamfering process and then colourlessly anodised. To guarantee high-grade surface quality for the end product, a special foil which was applied ex-works protects the sheet from any scratches in subsequent processing and logistics procedures.

SCHÄFER Perforated Metal was involved in the project right from the outset through its Swiss agent TECmetall Blarer. The first samples were deliberately manufactured from standard perforated sheets, using a conventional chamfering technique. This helped the architect to find the right proportions and to convince the client of his concept.

“Modern production lines at SCHÄFER make it possible to punch individual perforated sheets for façades or other building projects straight from the coil. Line manufacturing is very efficient for series production in particular, but there is always a lot of scope for customization,” says Robert Blarer, owner of TECmetall. And Alexander Tumasjan, head of sales at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal adds: “We invest in progressive technologies so that we can further advance processes such as this.”

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