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Disinfectant dispenser with reusable Variotainer and stainless steelDEEON disinfectant dispenser with reusable Variotainer and stainless steel components

Sustainable, self-sufficient and safe – the key features of the versatile DEEON disinfectant dispenser

Neunkirchen, 24th February 2021. SCHÄFER Perforated Metal and SCHÄFER Container Systems, divisions of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group, have collaborated with the Hamm-based beverage fitting manufacturer DSI to develop DEEON, a non-contact hand hygiene system. DEEON provides hygienic hand disinfection in keeping with the recommendations given by the WHO and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute, especially in areas with a high visitor frequency. The individual components for the self-sufficient DEEON Footon are manufactured by SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. The 20-litre reusable Variotainer inside the hygiene station comes from SCHÄFER Container Systems. 

The 20-litre capacity of the stainless steel Variotainer is enough to cover 6,000 hand disinfections using 3 ml per dose. The empty containers are reusable and so can be replaced by refilled Variotainers. In comparison: for the same number of disinfection processes, standard hand disinfection systems require up 60 disposable plastic bottles. However, as these bottles inevitably contain a certain amount of disinfectant residue, they are subject to the regulations for hazardous waste disposal. Consequently, introducing the reusable concept into the disinfectant sector means that unnecessary packaging waste can also be permanently avoided.   

DEEON Footon is operated solely by a pedal that activates a mechanical foot pump. The unit can be used anywhere, without an additional power supply and there’s no need for any hand contact with the fittings. As a result, pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, are deprived of the contact surface they need for transmission. A further feature of this functional DEEON design is the advertising space on the housing. This provides a highly visible branding opportunity, depending of course, on who the user is and where the unit is positioned, such as in the lobby areas of public buildings, for instance. 

The WHO’s global recommendations and the resultant governmental regulations have led to the need for industry to act quickly. Consequently, the partners in this cooperation project were able to respond to this need for urgency with a time-to-market of only a few weeks. 
“If we’ve learned one thing over that past year, it’s that we can’t take our health for granted. With this very quickly developed hand-hygiene dispenser, which in contrast to many standard dispensers, is operated by foot contact, we have a solution to the current urgent need for hygiene concepts, which can be integrated into a sustainable circular loop economy”, explains Guido Klinkhammer, Managing Director of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group.

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