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SCHÄFER Perforated Metal convinces architects and surface technology specialists

Neunkirchen, 14th April 2021. In just 18 months, the “Alte Hütte” site in the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Herdorf has seen the construction and completion of the H+ Carré shopping centre with a triple-section sports hall. For the latter, specialists for 3D metal structures, Fielitz-Leichtbauelemente, designed and produced three-dimensional panels made of perforated aluminium sheets supplied by SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. At the request of the authorities in Herdorf, the 3D-façade with the designation “Wasserwelle Herdorf” (Herdorf Water Wave) was given a matt stove-enamel surface finish in sand gold. The overall result is a dynamic, low-maintenance façade that is made to last. 

The town of Herford’s new triple-section sports hall has an overall usable floor area of 2,200 square metres. For the hall’s striking 3D façade, 1,800 sq. m. of 3mm aluminium sheets were supplied by SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. Thanks to the great variety of perforation patterns and its 3D formability on machines, this material is ideal for fulfilling highly individual stylistic requirements. 

perforated sheet-façade-water wave
Wave-shade perforated sheets

“The “Herdorf Water Wave” is composed of two different wave shapes merging into one another. To achieve this effect, the perforated sheets were deep-drawn and formed three-dimensionally at a pressure of 1400 bar on our fluid press, which has a working area of two by four metres and is the only one of its kind in the world. For this to succeed, the prerequisite is stringent tolerance accuracy for the perforated sheets at a consistently high quality standard“, explains Oliver Fielitz, managing director of Fielitz GmbH Leichtbauelemente. 

The static properties and the low weight of the perforated metal material have made it possible to construct a lightweight façade that permanently protects the building from the weather. The high strength of these perforated aluminium sheets also enable the façade to withstand extremely high winds. The stove-enamel finish, consisting of a special Duraflon® powder coating for buildings, elegantly rounds off the client’s design aspirations.  

This way, the façade creates a constantly changing interplay of light and shadow – similar to a water wave but with a sand gold matt sheen – influenced by the natural rhythm of sun, moon and stars, as well as the external lighting. 

“In combination with the three-dimensional shaping and the coated surface of the perforated sheets, an aesthetic is created that stems primarily from the plasticity of the material,” says a clearly delighted Alexander Tumasjan, Business Unit Sales Director at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. 

Construction planning by architectural company: Euteneuer Architekten

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