High flyers

In the age of renewable energies, the sight of wind farms is meanwhile a quite normal part of the landscape, especially in coastal regions. More than all other methods, wind generation is responsible for the largest proportion of renewably produced power. A kind of open cage allowing safe access to the turbine gondola. In wind power facilities, the kinetic energy of the air drives giant rotors which can often be seen on the horizon many kilometres offshore. Similar to a bicycle-dynamo, the blades rotate gears inside the windmill which drives a giant generator. In this way the wind energy is converted into electricity.

To make sure such large facilities operate smoothly, they undergo regular maintenance and repair. Some of the largest are serviced by helicopters that airlift the technicians directly onto the turbine gondola. To guarantee the technician’s safety in windy weather conditions, lots of wind turbines are equipped with a so-called helihoist platform, the internationally operating company FASSMER, headquartered in Berne near Bremen, manufactures this type of deck equipment. In cooperation with SCHÄFER Perforated Metal, it produces helihoist components for wind farms. Perforated metal profiles are mounted around the steel substructure to make a platform, on which service technicians can move and work in safety. Thanks to their low weight and high stability, perforated sheets meet the demands of statics and safety that wind turbines require. To guarantee consistent material quality in the tough climatic surroundings of the open sea, surface tests were carried out well in advance and Fassmer also applied a special coating to the sheets for use at sea. Today, perforated sheets from SCHÄFER are securing safety on 72 wind turbines.

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