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Displays with perforated metal from SCHÄFER

Why Jüngst Ladenbau put their trust in SCHÄFER Perforated Metal:

Medium-sized companies need to prepare for the future with intelligent merchandise management and efficient production processes. Digitalisation at different levels requires speed and flexibility without sacrificing quality. One of the things that helps Jüngst Ladenbau to master this balancing act is high-quality products from suppliers, including SCHÄFER Perforated Metal.  

The Jüngst GmbH & Co. KG in Netphen not only manufactures modern furnishings, it also creates individual and tailor-made concepts together with its customers. The medium-sized family-run company, now being run by the second generation, has 50 years of experience and tradition in this field. Their principle focus is on the first-class quality of the end product. Motivated professionals and modern machinery are essential to achieving this. The materials and products used by suppliers for custom-fit production are also pivotal. 

Besides individual solutions for private interior fittings, Jüngst has recently been making a name for itself throughout the German market, particularly as a shopfitter for merchandise displays. From customised to series production; medium-sized chain stores from a variety of areas in the retail trade, as well as department stores, among them a large number of regular customers, entrust their interior design to the experts from Netphen. 

Traditional craftsmanship meets innovation

Customers are not only guaranteed personal support, but as part of the overall digitalisation process they also have an online configurator with 3-D planning, including price calculation, at their disposal. In order to fulfil today’s customer requirements, a warehouse production facility is also operated. This allows the company to absorb seasonal fluctuations and the wishes of the customer, whether end customer or architect, to be quickly served. 

“In an environment that is becoming increasingly more digitised, both on the consumer side and on the supplier as well as the customer side, we, as a traditional craftsman’s operation with a production process and focus that are industrial and heavily reliant on machines, must manage to react to our customers quickly and in a straightforward manner. Our aim is for them to find solutions with us that simplify their processes and meet their needs with the least possible effort and expense. For this reason we also need efficient collaboration with our suppliers,” explains Holger Jüngst, second-generation Managing Director of the family-run business. 

One component that has now become indispensable when putting requirements for interior design into practise is perforated sheet. This material is a functional design element, available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, making it ideal for multiple applications in shopfitting. Perforated sheet can be adapted flexibly to design and optical requirements, they are easy to care for, and they attract little dust. They are also permeable to light and air as well as being extremely durable, and they do not waste precious resources. 

By using the right selection of perforated sheet, the desired atmosphere in the room can be set: from cool elegance to a laid-back modern effect, through to harmonious warmth. Planners frequently aim for special lighting effects to meet their customers’ requirements. Sometimes these are adapted by a special stamping of the perforation patterns. There are certainly many facets to room design with perforated sheets!

The preferred supplier of perforated sheets for the purchasers at Jüngst is SCHÄFER Perforated Metal, who provides not just first-class quality but also personal service and expert advice. In addition to wide-ranging digitalisation, this supplier always attaches great importance to personal contact, allowing their customers to enjoy multi-channel purchasing.

Perforated metal – a sustainable material

For Jüngst, the ecological aspect is not merely a selling point but also something to which they owe economic efficiency. The production building is heated solely with their own energy. Chipboard and other material residues that are often combined with perforated sheets to create the end product are recycled as heating fuel. This means that the entire production process is supplied with energy that the company itself generates.

Even the virtually indestructible perforated sheets are a sustainable resource. In the first place, Jüngst perforated sheet products are sometimes used for decades without being altered. Because they are so robust, they can also be given a new lease of life. For instance, if the basic design stays the same while the corporate design is modified, but after a few years the user wants a new colour scheme.

If modification or modernisation is required, the customer can send the perforated sheet construction back to Jüngst, who will carry out the desired refurbishment. A prerequisite for this is robust perforated sheeting such as that supplied by SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. 
For reconditioning, the perforated sheets are first thermally “paint stripped”. The exhaust air is cleaned with a filter system. After this, the sheet can be freshly painted or powder-coated. A visual refurbishment of this type makes the product virtually look like new. This is both ecologically and economically sustainable, particularly for the customer. He pays only for the product to be refurbished, while its service life is further extended by the overhaul.

Perforated metal in shoe stores
Shoe racks made of perforated metal

Flexible in design, uncompromising in quality

“Our goal at Jüngst is to deliver convincing quality from high-quality, modern manufacturing. This requires the cooperation of reliable partners and suppliers. The collaboration with SCHÄFER Perforated Metal has stood the test for many years. We can contact the supplier at any time, unlike with no name manufacturers. Depending on the project, we can involve the manufacturer as early as the planning stage; the collaboration is dependable, which applies equally to delivery times and the quality of the perforated sheets”, says Holger Jüngst, Managing Director of the company.

SCHÄFER Perforated Metal is regularly used in Jüngst’s projects. One example is Stackmann, from Buxtehude. The fashion house wanted to equip its showrooms with individual shop furniture in striking colours in order to emphasise the style of their products. Two sneaker surfaces were created with cubic display furniture, the base elements of which, as well as part of the back and side walls, were formed from perforated sheets with a variety of round holes. The perforated sheets were welded into the cubic furniture construction and then powder-coated.
By doing this, it meant it was not only possible to meet the architect’s visual specifications with the “Sneak-in” area for women’s and men’s outerwear, but also to create a delicate yet stable design offering the customer many configuration options that can be achieved by recombining the individual cubes. A long-term visual solution!

A constant in seasonal business

For two decades now, Jüngst has also been taking care of interior design for the shoe chain store Schuhmann, including that in Aurich. Their range covers women’s, men’s and children’s shoes, as well as accessories – the constant feature is SCHÄFER's perforated sheet floors. These are provided with square perforations, welded to carrier boards to form shelving systems and then powder-coated. The customer appreciates their durability, their resistance to dust, and the fact that they are so easy to clean.

“Batch size 1” as the key to success in business

“For us, downtime means a step backwards. We need to act and react just as fast as a wholesaler, and at the same time to create a competitive edge with the quality and individuality of our products. For this reason, customised production is our measure of success. This only works if we have partners who are one hundred percent reliable and flexible, as well as high-quality semi-finished products such as those we have been used to from SCHÄFER for decades”, sums up Holger Jüngst.  

The fact that he is on the right track is demonstrated by a large number of successful projects involving planning and productions of interior furnishings for shops as well as their installation, and, last but not least, stable business relationships with partners such as SCHÄFER Perforated Metal.

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