Acoustically designed noise barriers in perforated metal


    The reduction of sound and noise to provide a quieter environment and a design oriented appearance is primary objective of noise protection systems made of perforated metal.

    High noise levels and sources, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, cooling towers, power stations, motorways and airports make effective sound/noise absorption necessary.

    Perforated metal, in the form of external corrosion resistant construction components, such as noise protection barriers and cassettes, is ideal for carrying sound absorbing insulation materials.

    The insulation is protected, stabilised and, thanks to the enormous variety of perforation patterns and materials, such as aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel, a high quality protective façade. 

    Power plant sound protection in perforated metal

    Material: perforated aluminium sheet
    Perforation pattern: round, staggered - 4-6
    Project: Evonic – Cooling Tower Power Plant, Duisburg Walsum
    Co-operation: KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    • 11-metre high, 500-metre long, circular sound protection barriers made of perforated metal
    • Here, the perforated metal sheets provide protection and a strong framework for sound absorbing mineral wool
    • The acoustic design was implemented perfectly using perforated aluminium sheets
    • 36,500 m² of perforated metal sheet used in sound protection  
    • Sound protection for cooling towers
    • Wall of sound protection panels in perforated aluminium
    • Perforated metal noise protection

    Perforated metal noise protection

    Material: perforated aluminium sheets 1.25mm, powder-coated
    Perforation pattern: round, staggered Rv 5-8

    • Noise protection barriers at railway stations absorb sound optimally thanks to their staggered round perforations
    • Noise protection in and around the station premises
    • Aluminium underlines the clean character of the entire concept
    Noise protection on train station

    Perforated metal noise protection

    Noise protection components can also frequently be found in the form of perforated metal ceiling cassettes, wall panelling or even sound reducing furniture. Other inspiring examples, can be found here:

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