SCHÄFER perforated metal in use

    A high-quality, modern and versatile material:
    SCHÄFER perforated metal!

    Outstanding material properties combined with a modern, stylish look make perforated metal the ideal product for the widest possible range of applications. Whether for noise protection or reduction, for use in the drying and dehydrating industries, as ceiling, wall or balustrade panelling, facade cladding, sunshades, dividing walls or modern design elements, hardly any other product can offer such an abundance of facets and possibilities.

    Let us be your inspiration for discovering new possibilities!

    Airport wall panelling
    Perforated metal divider
    Modern column cladding
    Perforated metal ceiling panelling
    Office application
    Heating/cooling sail
    Facade cladding
    Balustrade design in perforated metal
    Noise protection cladding
    Ceiling panels
    Noise reduction wall
    Perforated metal interior design

    SCHÄFER Perforated Metal
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