Perforated metal made to measure – individual and fast

SCHÄFER Perforated Metal – a division of the internationally successful SCHÄFER WERKE Group. We are your competent partners when it comes to manufacturing perforated metal sheets! Besides the classical materials, like steel, stainless steel and aluminium, we also perforate copper, zinc, brass and even plastic. From over 400 perforation patterns, we will manufacture perforated sheets according your individual specifications and needs! Whether with round, square, hexagonal, slot or bespoke special perforations, we will produce perforated sheet made-to-measure. Perforated sheets from 0.5 – 3.0 mm are part of our standard repertoire, but other material thicknesses can be checked on request.

Order perforated metal online

In our online shop at, you can order perforated sheets straight from stock. A great selection of standard in-stock formats and perforations are permanently available and is ready for delivery or collection within 24 hours after your order has been placed.


Processing steel sheet is one of the core competencies of SCHÄFER Perforated Metal. Thanks to our own tool making capability and modern equipment, we can process your input material fast and flexibly. Whether you require perforating, bending, notching or many other machining processes, put your critical or sensitive work stages into our capable hands and save storage and machine capacities in your own production operations.


Synergistic effects mean reliable delivery

EMW steel Service Centre, is one of the largest, most modern and most efficient independent steel service centres. With over 180,000 tons of fine steel sheet in all current market sizes permanently in stock, we can create synergistic effects which benefit our customers and enable us to process and deliver orders in the shortest possible time.


SCHÄFER Perforated Metal as part of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group

As part of the owner-led SCHÄFER WERKE Group headquartered in the Siegerland town of Neunkirchen in Germany, we operate all over the world with diversified business divisions.  At our production locations in Germany and the Czech Republic, over 1000 employees contribute to continuing our success story.

Besides SCHÄFER Perforated Metal, the SCHÄFER WERKE Group also includes: EMW Steel Service Centre, SCHÄFER Container Systems and SCHÄFER IT-Systems. The work of all these divisions is based on high-quality thin steel sheet. The processing of this material is one of the core competencies of this enterprise.

Discover our world of steel

With their steel-related products and services, the business units in the SCHÄFER WERKE Group have been successful all over the world for more than 80 years.