Screens and sunscreens in perforated metal

Perforated metal components like sun protection lamellas, sliding elements, cassettes, shutters, blinds and exterior façades offer protection from direct sunlight while successfully allowing the realisation of sophisticated light concepts.

Top grade materials like aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised or coated steel simultaneously provide high corrosion resistance and a design-oriented appearance.

Perforated metal sunscreens can offer a multifaceted space/light design potential by selectively controlling the incidence of light through the patterns created by the slot, square, round or special perforations.

Applications in detail

Let our references be your inspiration.

Aluminium Lochblech als Sonnenschutz
Sonnenschutz aus Lochblech

Screens and sunscreens (1)

Material: Perforated aluminium sheet 2 mm
Perforation pattern: Round, staggered – R8 T12
Project: Pfadihaus Zoo Zürich
Cooperation: TECmetall R. Blarer


  • Window screens made of trapezoidally corrugated perforated metal, translucent
  • 3-dimensional forming makes the sliding screen especially strong
  • Perforated metal can serve as both a blind and a sunscreen
Sonnenschutz aus Lochblech

Screen and sunscreens (2)

Material: Perforated aluminium sheet 3 mm, anodised
Perforation pattern: Round, staggered – R5 T8
Project: AIG Aéroport International de Genéve
Cooperation: TECmetall R. Blarer


  • Perforated metal façade cassettes provide protection for window facades
  • Perforated aluminium regulates sunlight incidence, yet provides light for a spacious interior design concept
  • Smooth cassette surface with staggered round perforations supports the modern, solid design of the airport building
Sonnenschutz aus Lochblech
Sonnenschutz aus Lochblech, Aufnahme von unten

Sun protection lamellas in perforated metal

Material: Perforated aluminium sheet 2 mm
Perforation pattern: Special perforations, 8 mm hole diameter
Project: Vodafone-Campus in Düsseldorf
Cooperation: Dobler Metallbau GmbH, Scheffer Metallbautechnik GmbH


  • Window screens regulate the warmth inside buildings caused by the sun’s rays
  • Energy-efficient cooling concept with customized sheet perforation
  • Special perforations of 8 mm in diameter provides sufficient daylight
  • Curved perforated aluminium lamellas support the architectural design along the line of the continuously curved façade