Outdoor panelling

Perforated sheets are ideal for carport enclosures, bicycle sheds and garages, waste bin enclosures and screens, partition wall systems and a great range of different cladding and panelling for outdoor applications. As side panels, perforated sheets provide stylish screens for unsightly objects, while guaranteeing continuous ventilation of indoor spaces.


Outdoor panelling made of perforated sheets lends a timeless, aesthetic appearance to carport enclosures, wheelie bin hideaways or screens. Depending on the perforation pattern chosen, the visual effect this achieves can range from airily light to solid.


As side panels, perforated sheets mainly provide a stable and lasting screen function. Whether for covering up ugly eyesores like dust bins or for privacy and protection from the elements in your carport – perforated sheets are extremely strong and ideal for screening and partitioning outside spaces.

Application in detail

Let our perforated sheet references be your inspiration.

Perforated metal bicycle garage
Perforated sheet bicycle garage

Bicycle parking garage made of perforated sheets

Material: stainless steel 1.4301 - polished K240
Perforation pattern: sample perforation
Project: Bicycle garage for works site
Cooperation: SCHÄFER Werke GmbH


  • Bicycle garage with lasered perforated sheet panelling
  • Perforated sheets provide ventilation and protection from the sun
  • Clean surfaces are visually broken up by the perforation pattern