Agricultural machines

In agriculture, perforated sheets protect machines and engines from external influences, like soil and plant residues. At the same time, individual permeability levels guarantee sufficient ventilation in the engine compartment.

An engine or machine guard made of perforated sheet enables individual surface structures to be created and adapted to the design of the machine in question. A variety of different materials, perforations and specifications provide a homogenous surface that fits optimally into the overall appearance of the vehicle.

The perforated sheet’s high permeability guarantees optimum ventilation for the engine or machine at all times. This creates ideal thermal and energy efficient conditions, while the robust material simultaneously provides protection from external influences and prevents particles from getting inside the engine compartment.

Applications in detail

Let our references be your inspiration.

Fendt Vario800 Traktor

Engine ventilation cover Fendt Traktor types 800 and 900 Vario

Material: Perforated steel sheet 1.0 mm, powder-coated
Perforation pattern: Hexagonal perforations (also known as honeycomb), 64 % free area

Design and function:

  • Perforated sheet with conical beading to achieve the typical Fendt design
  • High air permeability guarantees optimal induction of cooling air for the engine compartment
  • Stable and robust shaping of the engine guard protects the interior from impact from stones, plant residues, etc.
Perforated sheet INEOS Grenadier
Perforated sheet Detail INEOS Grenadier

Individual protection and ventilation grilles for the Grenadier

Material: Steel, KTL + powder coated, perforated sheet 1.0 mm
Perforation pattern: Hexagonal perforations (HV 6 - 6,7), 80% free area

Design and function:

  • Optimized for air flow for engine cooling
  • Design development to get more air into the engine area (from 74% to 80%)
  • Durable protection of the engine from mechanical impact
  • At the front of the vehicle and below the bumper
  • Polyurethane foam frame prevents metal on metal friction and therefore corrosion 
  • Easy installation thanks to clip connections
  • Challenge: Ratio of hole size (6 mm), material thickness (1.0 mm) and margin width (0.7 mm), the fine 0.7 mm margins must not break during production