About us

    Perforated metal made to measure – individual and fast!

    SCHÄFER Perforated Metal is a division of the internationally successful SCHÄFER Werke group of companies. For the manufacture of perforated metal sheets, we are the competent people to contact!
    Besides the classical materials, like steel, stainless steel and aluminium, we also produce perforated sheets in copper, zinc, brass and even plastic. 

    Perforated metal - as individual as each of our customers

    The choice is yours! With over 400 perforation patterns available, we can manufacture perforated metal tailored precisely to your individual requirements! Whether round, square, hexagonal, slot or special customised perforations, we can supply whatever meets our customers’ demands! Our standard range covers perforated metal sheets of 0.5 – 3.0 mm, but, on request, we will be happy to look into other material thicknesses.

    Function and design – SCHÄFER perforated metal sheets embody both

    For noise reduction, in filer systems, cooling and heating devices, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as machine elements or sieves, perforated metal sheets are extremely versatile due to their outstanding material properties. Designers, architects, furniture manufacturers or interior designers have long been using the aesthetic and functional qualities of perforated metal for their own purposes. Whether as a partial sunshade, facade cladding or screens, wall panelling or public seating, perforated metal sheets from SCHÄFER find their application in countless areas of working and everyday life.

    Together, we can discover new application potential for our high-quality product. Are you looking for individual perforated metal solutions? Do you manufacture products of the highest quality? Then speak to us and we’ll work together on securing your market success! 

    Reliable delivery through synergy

    Our sister company EMW is one of the largest, most modern and most efficient independent steel service centres. With over 100,000 tons of fine steel sheet in all current market sizes permanently in stock, we can create synergistic effects which benefit our customers. Orders can be realised in the shortest possible times – which gives you the competitive advantage!

    SCHÄFER Perforated Metal production plant in Neunkirchen
    SCHÄFER Perforated Metal production plant in Neunkirchen

    SCHÄFER Perforated Metal
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